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The Iran Tehran Household Appliances Exhibition

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Magic Cooling at Iran Tehran Household Appliances Exhibition

Tehran Household Appliances Exhibition (Iran) is the largest household appliance trade fair in the Middle East.On November 23, 2017, the Fair invited exhibitors over the world including China, Germany, France, India & Korea, etc. Magic Refrigeration Technology Co. Ltd. was the one of the China exhibitors among the 200 participants.

During the past 1o years, Magic has specialized in the research & development, production and sales & marketing of high end built-in, no frost refrigerators. We have provided the tailor-made CKD & SKD solutions to domestic & oversea customers.

Magic carries the complete refrigerator range to suit the requirements of the world market which are comprised of 6 series of single door, double door, triple door, multiple door, cross door & chest freezer including more than 100 models.Capacity ranges from 50 litres to 600 litres.For this Iran Fair, Magic specially arranged 6 refrigerators & 1 washing machine as the display units. They all meet the Iran domestic market demand.

Magic Team

Magic Booth in the Iran Trade

Magic booth attained very high traffic in this Fair. Our distributor recruitment for Magic brands aroused interests from the domestic entities. They expressed their full confidences on Magic’s aesthetic design & state of art technology. We’ve also received the technical enquiries about product development & production efficiency from the domestic manufacturers. Very productive discussions were conducted for the coming cooperation.The major distributors & dealers indicated their intention to purchase our no frost & large capacity SBS as well as upright freezer.

Magic has exported to overseas market for above 10 years with distribution in more than 60 countries. Branches have been set up & registered over the world. Our product excellence, patent technology & professional teams are accredited by the worldwide customers. Magic brighter future is well ahead.