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Magic Cooling in the 122th Canton Fair

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The 122th Canton Fair was held in Guangzhou from October 15 to 19, 2017. As the professional leading built-in refrigeration manufacturer and the regular exhibitor of the Canton Fair, Magic proudly exhibited more than 20 models of fridges and freezers. The range suits the requirements of worldwide markets. It includes built-in, retro & free-standing.

Magic Booth


Built-in Range

Following the trendy kitchen design, the built-in fridge & freezer can perfectly be installed into the cabinet for the brilliant kitchen design & space-saving.

Retro Range

Retro Range is popular in Korea & USA.  Its higher top together with the solid materialized handle well demonstrates Magic’s attention to details product design.

Free-standing Range

Free-standing range is Magic’s core exhibit.  The range includes cross-door, side-by-side & single door.


Despite the sudden weather change during the Fair, the Magic ranges aroused the interests from a number of buyers.  The built-in and retro ranges really impressed them to visit Magic factory for further discussions.


The Magic sophisticated sales team introduced new products to a wide variety of customers, discussed purchase orders and negotiated trading terms.  Magic team is knowledgeable about different markets and customers by their regular market visits.  “We can only understand the market when we’re there“ it’s Magic professional team.

Nowadays, Magic exports to more than 60 countries. We keep on our great effort for the prosperous future.