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Brief introduction

Magic Refrigeration Technology

The leading built-in appliance manufacturer & refrigeration solution provider

Manufacturing specialist produces professionally

Magic Tech is situated in the major China manufacturing zone – Hefei.  We are the pioneer in built-in appliance manufacturing & expertise in integration solution for the kitchen & refrigeration industry.

Over the decades, we have devoted ourselves to the research & development, production & sale of high end appliances including built-in indirect cooling refrigerator and variety of kitchen apparatus.  We have also developed the profound solution for refrigeration & integrated kitchen system to the global customers.

Currently, Magic has 4 production plants to serve our esteemed customers.  They  are our own production line as well as the collaborative factories.  The annual production capacity has reached 3.3 million.  We are the most professional built-in refrigerator factory in China.  The single production line with 50 thousand production capacity in indirect cooling refrigerator is our benchmark in the industry.  Magic rapid growth has qualified us to be the leading domestic indirect cooling refrigerator manufacturing corporate.

Magic well understands the worldwide market requirements. We cooperate with the renowned international enterprises. They are the world leader of kitchen furniture, property development and building materials in the retail market under their prestigious brands.  Our products are exported to more than 60 countries in Europe, America, the Middle East & Africa.  Our brand, Magic, is the professional China entity in supplying built-in appliances to the multi-national groups.

The Magic Management Team is comprised of the experts with 15-20 years experiences. With their good experience in the refrigeration product development and manufacturing technology, we are sophisticated in developing new products for the major markets in compliance with the world standard.  Our unique research & development skills in associated with the state-of-art technology have been realized in our range with high end attributes - the indirect cooling no frost, electronic control, energy efficiency & built-in.

Magic is the professional solution provider of customized integrated system for refrigerator manufacturing plant.  We export equipment, moulds, CKD & SKD projects. The seamless chain of production line, product development, parts procurement and installation has brought customers the efficient & energy-saving system with great value.

Quality products from Trustworthy Corporate

Magic carries a wide range of products to cater for the major requirements in the China domestic and the export markets.  Our range includes series of models with well-defined specifications - double door, single door, triple door, multi door, side by side & chest freezer.  6 series with more than 100 models.  Capacity ranges from 50 to 600 litres.  We are “technology-oriented” & “product-driven”.  Our ergonomic range has combi with different sizes of fridges & freezers, abundant accessories, space saving carriers, adjustable shelves & water dispenser. We pursuit for excellence in every single detail of Magic product.

Magic is proficient in manufacturing various cooling system – mechanic control, electronic control, indirect cooling, direct cooling & combined cooling system. The innovative technology drives Magic growth.  We efficiently incorporate production resources between ODM and self-managed production line into more than 10 nationally patented technologies.  We supply various energy efficient products for environmental protection.  A number of models have achieved the highest European Energy Efficiency standard A+++ .  They are our most popular products for our China & oversea customer.  Our products are all internationally certified – GS for Germany; CSA for North America; CE for European Union; SASO for Saudi Arabia; G-mark for countries.

Magic has his own intellectual proprietor system of the indirect cooling no frost technology.  We proudly developed the multi airflow & three dimensional recirculated cooling techniques which resolves the dilemma between the frost & the cooling mechanism inside the refrigerator.  In the meantime, it diminishes the energy consumption.  User can enjoy more cost saving.

Magic product styles are multiple.  We have Japanese, European, French and Chinese style to suit the different life styles, culture & custom. We broadly satisfy the personalized aesthetic expectation everywhere in the world.

Our products can function well wherever you are.  Sub-temperate, temperate, sub-tropical & tropical.  Different power specification (different voltage & hertz) for majority of countries.  The variety specification can adapt our refrigerator to the different temperature, humidity and climate for our international customers.

Magic products fully integrate with your home decoration. The ventilation system of our built-in refrigerator is perfectly designed with its installation into the kitchen furniture.  The easy installation mechanism and the space arrangement demonstrate our product development ability – “Excellent user experience is our top concern”.

Magic actively involves into the innovation studies on smart control, refrigeration, integrated system and ergonomic.  We explore the applications to coordinate across different industries and academic studies and have successfully constructed the template for “fully integrated kitchen system”.  Our multiple nationally patented technologies have been assimilated into custom-made kitchen furniture for the best kitchen experience.

Integrity is our principle.  Quality is our belief.  Quality control is our core mission.  We import advanced research tools & software and established 2 independent laboratories for noise control test & static experience test.  Both the quality & production are under stringent control.  Our factory follows the 5S management which contributes to more superior product range than the international standard with ever decreasing service call rate for our objective of the most supreme products & best workmanship.  Our Corporate has been accredited ISO9001-2008 quality management as well as ISO-14001 environmental protection system.

Elite Team for Customer Satisfaction

Magic has recruited the most capable mission teams.  The technical team with extensive & intensive knowledge & experience in research & development and production. And, the competent & efficient sales & marketing team.  Under Magic professional training, their timely response gains customer admiration.  In addition, we organize the professional multi-language team to serve the worldwide market.  They can speak English, German, French, Russian & Arabian.  The enhanced language skill set has been widely recognized by the international renowned corporate.

Magic service team is enthusiastic with passion.  “Customer is the first”.  Only service excellence can create value.  We do not only bring customer superior product but also the services above the industry standard - minimal production lead time, easy & convenient installation of built-in appliances.

In future, we will continue to follow the policy of “Quality-oriented”, “Pursuit for Excellence”, “Stringent Management”, “Lean Manufacturing”, “Continuous Improvement” and “Customer Satisfaction”.  Devote our utmost to satisfy every customer.  Strive to be the top built-in appliance manufacturer and refrigeration solution provider in the world.

With our strengths in the China manufacturing, we will devote our utmost to enhance ourselves to serve the world market.